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New Apartments in Malinska, Croatia for sale

New Apartments in Malinska
(island of Krk) for sale

Milgrad d.o.o.
Oboj 4a
10000 Zagreb

Mob +385 (0)98 381 489
Tel: +385 (0)1 2317 865
Fax: +385 (0)1 2317 865

MB: 1370227
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Apartments for rent on island Krk

Apartments Nikolina, Malinska

Build and sell of dwellings
Milgrad d.o.o. Zagreb

Photogallery, new apartments for sale island Krk, Croatia

Malinska, Zidarići area - Object 1

Prodaja apartmaja - Krk, Hrvaška

Malinska, Zidarići area - Object 2

Prodaja apartmaja - Krk, Hrvaška

About us - Milgrad d.o.o.

Milgrad d.o.o.  established in 1997, has its headquarters in Zagreb. Prime purpose of the company is building flats for sale. Separately we rent apartments in Malinska..

It is a family run buisiness, founded by Nikola Milić current managing director and owner, who has turned the company into a reputable and stable business, through his hard work and extensive knowledge.

List of completed buildings to date..

We have built many properties in Greater Zagreb and the Croatian coast. Due to use of high quality building materials, lavish furnishings, attractive location and up to date documentation we will not disapoint any potential buyer.